Takeaway available from 1st July 2020
Takeaway Menu coming soon

Breakfast is served from 8.30 to 3.00pm

Breakfast 1
Bacon, Hash Brown, Tinned Tomatoes, Egg, Baked Beans & Toast £5.10

Breakfast 2
2 x Bacon, Sausage, Hash Brown, Eggs
1 x Baked Beans, Tinned Tomatoes, Toast, Juice/ Tea/ Coffee £8.10

Extra breakfast items will be charged:
Egg, Tomatoes, Baked Beans, Hash Brown £0.80 per portion
Bacon, Sausage, Mushrooms, Black Pudding £1.00 per portion

Lighter Breakfast
Beach Hut Special with Muffin, Smoked Salmon, Avocado, Scambled Egg with Pesto £5.25
Eggs Florentine or Eggs Benedict £5.10
Bacon, Sausage or Egg Sandwich £3.30
Bacon or Sausage Sandwich with an Egg £4.10
Toasted Tea Cake with Butter & Jam £1.95
2 Crumpets served with Butter £2.20 or with 2 poached eggs £3.95
Baked Beans or 2 Eggs on 2 Toast £3.10 with Cheese £3.50

Sandwiches £3.30
Toasted Sandwiches £3.45 * Baguette £3.80
All served with salad garnish Choose up to 2 items
BLT * Bacon & Brie * Tuna Mayo * Ham Salad or Ham & Cheese orPickle * Cheese & Pickle or Tomato
Coronation Chicken * Chicken Caesar Salad

BLT Sandwich £3.50 BLT Baguette £4.00

Served on a board with a salad gardnish - from £4.50
Please see specials board

Jacket Potatoes
Plain with Butter £3.95
Baked Beans with or without Cheese * Bacon or Sausage with Baked Beans * Chilli with or without Cheese
Coronation Chicken * Cheese and Coleslaw £4.95

Made with 3 eggs Served with Salad Garnish and Coleslaw Choose up to 2 items
Bacon * Cheese * Tomato * Onion * Mushrooms * Ham £5.20
Extra Items 50p add chips £1.50

Homemade Soup of the Day Served with French Bread £4.10

Mains and Puds Please see Specials Board

Afternoon Tea

One person £9.50 2 people £18.75

Sparkling wine 2 guests £32.00

served from 12.00

Homemade Cakes and Biscuits Special Offers * Please see Board

Biscuits for children available

Drinks Menu

Coffee & Hot Chocolate

Cappuccino £2.30
Latte £2.30
Caramel Latte £2.50
Americana Black £2.20
Americana Cold Milk £2.30
Americana Hot Milk £2.30
Americana Cream £2.40
Espresso £2.20
Double Espresso £3.50
Mocha £2.50
Hot Chocolate £2.75
Luxury/ White Hot Chocolate £2.75
Luxury Mocha £2.75
Hot Milk £1.20
Bubba Chino £1.40
Cold Milk £1.00


Pot of tea for one £1.60
Pot of tea for two £3.00

Herbal tea £1.80

Special teas served in a glass tea pot £2.10

White smoothie
Milk, ground almonds, honey, banan

Orange smoothie
Mango, carrot, orange juice


Homemade milkshake
with icecream £3.20 with cream & marshmallows £3.70

Cold drinks available

If there is something you would like and it’s not on the menu please ask.
If it is in the kitchen we will cook it for you!